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Our freestyles have been highly successful in numerous national and international competitions.

Klassic Kur has assembled a talented staff of artists, each with years of experience in his field. Our experts are accomplished in music composition, orchestration, editing, and audio engineering.

Randy Paul Belts it for Brentina

Terry, with Lisa Goretta & George Williams, receiving the USDF Volunteer of the Year.

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Guenter Seidel & Graf George

Terry's volunteer work includes Challenge of the Americas, a fundraiser for breast cancer research featuring quadrilles. She has more than 20 years service on the USDF Freestyle Committee (six years as its chair), has served on the USDF Judges Committee, and is the author of the USDF freestyle continuing education program for judges, for which she received the prestigious USDF Volunteer of the Year.

Her commitment to freestyle education is extensive, writing scores of articles in print and online. Her lectures include the first international judges freestyle symposium in 2002 and extend to recent IDOC (International Dressage Officials) seminars held at USDF headquarters in Kentucky. 

Her talent, service and dedication earned her the 2021 USDF Lifetime Achievement Award.

Klassic Kur LLC

Debbie McDonald & Brentina

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Terry Ciotti Gallo - Founder

USDF Lifetime Achievement Award

Terry has a broad and colorful history in sports, dance, and music. Starting as a theatrical choreographer, her works were seen in various media. However with a background as a competitive gymnast, she also acted as a dance instructor, choreographer, coach, and judge for international-caliber gymnastics. Terry coupled the sports world with her dance and music knowledge to help a variety of athletes in the total development of their freestyle performances. This led to the establishment of Klassic Kur in 1989. Since then, her freestyles have appeared in seven Olympics, World Equestrian Games, and hold two World Cup titles.