​​Laura Graves & Verdades

Level of service, competition schedules, prime market (November through May) and unpredictable events such as inclement weather can effect the completion date. Though it can be done in less time, it is prudent to allow four months to develop your freestyle.

Freestyle Design

Studio Recording

Adrienne Lyle & Wizard

Klassic Kur’s award winning team can write an original score for you. Below, Sam Levine (in white) leads the horns during the recording of Adrienne Lyle & Wizard's "Soul Man" music.

Klassic Kur LLC

Time to Completion

5​Klassic Kur was the first business dedicated solely to the development of freestyles.  It has a well-earned reputation as the #1 dressage freestyle design service in the country, and has developed freestyles for a host of distinguished international riders. Regardless of your level of competition, Klassic Kur guarantees that you will receive a quality product, accented by meticulous attention to detail and unrivaled personal service.

We can custom edit the music you have chosen based on the choreography you send us; we can offer you our comprehensive service that includes music search, choreography, and tailored editing; or we can arrange anything in between. The fees below reflect comprehensive service only. Contact us for details on other services.

$3200  FEI Pony 

$3500  USDF Levels 1 - 3                    
$3500  FEI Juniors           
$3800  FEI YR / USDF Level 4            
$4000  Intermediate     
$5500  Grand Prix  

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